Client Experience

Step 1: Tell Us About You
You'll take our style quiz to help us determine what sizes, cuts, colors, and brands suit you best. Plus, share your specific styling goals/needs (i.e. new job, cocktail party).
Step 2: Meet Your Match
If you didn’t join through a stylist, we’ll offer you options based on the info in your profile. Visit the Stylists’ profiles, and choose the one who resonates most with you.
Step 3: Shop Your Lookbook
Your Stylist will deliver 5-7 looks tailored to your needs and tastes, + 1-2 Express Boutiques featuring high priority items for you (i.e., jeans or scarves).
Step 4: Buy It. Try It. Keep Only What You Love.
Order the items you love and pay exactly what our retail partners are charging – nothing more.

Your styling experience should be blissfully simple. Let Our FAQ answer all your questions before it even begins.


Does Keaton Row Styling cost money?

Our mission is to make personal styling accessible to every woman. During our launch period, our styling service will be offered free of charge.  Our retailers pay Keaton Row as an outsourced sales force, and our Stylists' commissions come out of that, so you only pay for the items you choose to purchase.

How am I matched with a Stylist?

Your Style Quiz and Client Profile give us details on your personal taste and current needs. We use that to match you with a compatible Stylist who's experienced in exactly what you need.

Which retailers/brands are available in the Keaton Row catalog?

We partner with retailers that offer a range of price points and styles to meet the diverse needs of our clients – including plus size, petite, and maternity items. Our current roster includes but is not limited to: Shopbop, Nordstrom, and Les Nouvelles.

Do I pay more when I shop through Keaton Row than Shopbop or Nordstrom directly?

Never! Our prices are synced with each retail site, so the current price of that skirt (even when it's 40% off) is reflected on our site.

What is a Keaton Row Lookbook?

It's a boutique curated exclusively for you. Your Stylist puts together 5-7 head-to-toe looks, plus two Express Boutiques targeting holes you see in your wardrobe (i.e. jeans, scarves). Each Lookbook contains notes from your Stylist explaining why she thinks these pieces are perfect for you. You can shop directly from your Lookbook(s) and wait for your boxes of joy to arrive.

How long does it take to receive a Lookbook?

Your Lookbook will arrive between one and seven days after you complete your profile. If your styling needs are urgent, please let us know when you submit your profile, and we will do our best to expedite your experience.

How are my orders placed/fulfilled? How and when will I be charged?

Keaton Row is proud to offer one-stop shopping for our clients, no matter which or how many retailers you buy from. Your credit card will be charged by the retailer(s) that carry the items you purchase. Those items will be shipped to you from each retailer.

How do returns and shipping work?

We are committed to making sure you love every piece you purchase through Keaton Row. As such, we choose retailers with friendly shipping and flexible return policies. All of our retailers offer free shipping with any order, so you can buy and try without the commitment. Please find our three vendors below and click to see their individual shipping/return policies.

THIS ITEM IS SHIPPED FROM SHOPBOP. Free shipping on any order. Free return shipping plus full refund within 15 days. VIEW DETAIL

THIS ITEM IS SHIPPED FROM NORDSTROM. Free shipping on any order. Free return shipping plus full refund within 30 days. VIEW DETAIL

THIS ITEM IS SHIPPED FROM LES NOUVELLES. Free shipping on any order. Full refund minus $10 return shipping fee within 10 days of confirmed delivery. VIEW DETAIL: [1], [2]

How often do I shop through my Stylist?

Whenever you want! We encourage you to reach out to your Stylist based on your wardbrobe needs. Have an engagement party coming up? Need some new spring jackets? Just request a new Lookbook or Express Boutique! You can also ask your Stylist to get in touch with you whenever she finds a piece that suits you, or on a regular basis (once a month, once a season): you design your ideal experience, and we'll make it happen.

How do I communicate with my Stylist?

Communications with your Stylist are 100% online. You can send an email, leave comments directly on your looks, or chat via Skype.

What if I'm outside the U.S.?

Unfortunately, we are currently only able to accommodate clients in the United States. If you are outside our range, please drop us a line! When there is significant interest, we will begin working to expand our reach to your location.

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