Keaton Row: About

We designed a personal styling service to help you define your style and build your essential wardrobe. We call it Keaton Row.

We believe a woman’s style should be an honest expression of who she is and how she feels—at once a marker indicating where she is in her life and a compass pointing to where she wants to be. We believe a woman’s style—like her health, her career, or her family—can be difficult to define. We believe a woman’s style is an investment. But we also believe that the payoff from that investment is life-changing.

Founded by women for women, Keaton Row delivers a premium styling experience through personal connection by developing a genuine relationship between you and one of our professional, industry-trained stylists. As your confidant and partner in style, your Keaton Row stylist learns about your lifestyle and preferences through an ongoing one-on-one conversation about everything from your likes and dislikes to your new job or that cocktail party you have coming up. She learns which pieces you own and can help you figure out exactly how they work—or don’t work—with the rest of your wardrobe. She learns when to play it safe and when to challenge you with something new. She learns where you are and where you want to be, and she helps you dress to elevate and honor both.

We’re challenging the wasteful standards of fast fashion and flash sales by helping you make fewer, better purchases of higher-quality, versatile pieces that will last you years and save you time and money in the long run. We believe a great stylist doesn’t just know what size dress fits you—she knows which dress fits your life, and how wearing it will make you feel.

Style is a conversation.

Between you and your stylist, between you and your world, between you and yourself—your style is an honest expression of who you are in relation to everything else. What you say is up to you—we’re just here to help you figure out how to say it.


Style is an investment.

Like your health and your happiness, your style is a project with a payoff. It takes some time and money, but the result is the confidence and satisfaction that come with a wardrobe full of pieces you can wear countless different ways on countless different days.


Style is contextual.

No woman is an island, and neither is any piece in her wardrobe. Every one of your purchases should be meaningful, with consideration given to how it suits your lifestyle. Truly effortless style can only be defined with a carefully curated collection of complementary clothing and accessories.