Getting Started

What is Keaton Row?

a. Keaton Row is an innovative online styling platform for personal Stylists and their Clients.

b. Keaton Row partners with retailers (Les Nouvelles, Shopbop, ASOS and Bloomingdales). Stylists create personalized Lookbooks for their Clients, selecting clothing and accessories from the thousands of brands Keaton Row retail partners carry.

c. Clients purchase directly through their Keaton Row Lookbooks at the exact prices of what is available on retailers' sites. Fulfillment is done through Retailer partners, as Keaton Row does not hold inventory.

d. Retailers pay a commission to Keaton Row, which is shared with the Stylist based on monthly net sales.

Can I become a Keaton Row Stylist?

As part of our commitment to provide every Keaton Row Stylist with the best possible training and support, we’re taking a moment to focus on our existing team. Apply for early consideration for the Spring 2015 class of Keaton Row Stylists and you’ll be the first to know when we’re looking for new talent: /user/stylist-signup.

What is expected of me as a Keaton Row Stylist?

You are in business for yourself, but never by yourself. We give you the tools you need to succeed, but the effort is up to you. You are responsible for building your Client base, styling, and engaging your Clients. As a commission-based Stylist, the money you earn is directly proportional to the work you put into this business.

How many hours per week will I have to dedicate to Keaton Row?

One of the great advantages of Keaton Row is that you are running your own business! We have full time professional Stylists, and Stylists with separate full time jobs and responsibilities that style in their free time. Dedicate a couple of hours a week, or many hours each day. As a commission-based Stylist, the money you earn is directly proportional to the work you put into this business.

Can I be a Stylist if I live outside of the US / am international?

In order to receive styling commissions, Stylists need a US Social Security number and bank account. If you have a SSN and US bank account but live outside of the US you are still eligible.

What happens after I sign up?

You will have full access to the Keaton Row Stylist platform and all resources with your Keaton Row Stylist Membership. You will start participating in our training opportunities to learn how to grow your business right away.

What do I get for my membership?

Your membership includes your own customizable Stylist website, instructions and tutorial videos on how to start personalizing and sharing Lookbooks, and full access to all Keaton Row business resources and training tools. You can cancel at any point.

How do I cancel my account?

You may cancel your account at anytime by emailing [email protected]/.

Does my membership expire?

To remain an active Stylist you must make at least one sale in your first 3 months. If you are do not make a sale after this period every 6 months your membership will expire.

What am I selling/styling? Which retailers/brands are available?

a. Lookbooks are created using Keaton Row's 5,000+ item catalog. The inventory in the catalog is curated by our Style Editor and Merchandising team. The current retail partners are Bloomingdales, Shopbop, ASOS, and Les Nouvelles.

What is a Lookbook?

A Lookbook is a curated selection of head-to-toe outfits and/or specific items created by Stylists to address each Client’s styling needs. Lookbooks are comprised of multiple pages of Looks.

What is a Look?

Look is one page of a Lookbook. It can be one head-to-toe outfit, or a selection of specific items.

How many Looks/Pages should each Lookbook have?

For typical requests a Lookbook should have 4-7 Looks/Pages. However, you should tailor each book based on the Client’s needs.

How quickly should I respond to each Lookbook request?

We have seen that Clients are much more likely to purchase when a request has been filled within 48 hours. Please make sure to publish Lookbooks within 48 hours of the request date.

Why is my profile important?

a. Prospective Clients will view your profile before deciding if they want to select you as their Stylist. Your Stylist Profile is like your business card and styling resume rolled into one! It is the perfect way to share your style aesthetic and show current and future Clients what makes you stand apart as a Stylist.

b. Make sure that your style inspiration photos, headshot, Q&A and featured Looks represent who you are as a Stylist.

What is the difference between a public and a private Lookbook?

a. Private Lookbooks fulfill Client requests. Unless a Client shares the link to their Lookbook it will not be viewable by anyone else.

b. Public Lookbooks are shared with all of your Clients – You can create Lookbooks that can be accessed by anyone, not just specific Clients. Public Lookbooks are a way to promote your business through social media, recruit new Clients, and keep your current Clients engaged.


How do I get Clients?

a. You are an entrepreneur. You grow your own Clientele by reaching out to your social networks in person and via email, and by marketing yourself through social media.

b. Use the materials on the Resources page (/stylist/resources) such as the “Client Recruitment Guide & Communication Template” to learn more about finding new Clients.

c. Join one of our weekly new Stylist training calls for ideas: /stylist/programs/events

d. As we see your business performance grow, Keaton Row will also match you with additional new Client leads. When you hit certain sales goals and meet the requirements you can qualify to become part of the Keaton Row Client Matching Pool the following month: /stylist/programs/matchingpool.

What is the Client signup process?

a. Clients sign up for Keaton Row and fill out a profile with their body type, price points, and style preferences.

b. If they were referred by a Stylist they are automatically matched to that Stylist. (To refer a Client, share the URL for your Stylist Site.)

c. If they were not referred by a Stylist, they are sent to the matching pool (they view multiple Stylists and choose one).

d. The Client gets an email with their personalized Lookbook. They can shop directly from the Lookbook and leave feedback for their Stylist. There are no styling fees and returns are easy.

Do Clients have to pay a fee for styling?

a. Clients do not have to pay any styling fees.

b. Clients pay exactly the prices being charged by our retailers.

Do Clients pay more when they shop through Keaton Row instead of ASOS, Nordstrom, Shopbop or Les Nouvelles?

Never! Clients are redirected to the retailer’s site to purchase, so they are always charged the current price..

What happens when a Client makes a return?

Since the item was returned, it will be removed from the Stylists’ monthly sales amount and will not count towards their total commission.

I referred a Client to Keaton Row and she signed up, but she isn’t showing up under my Clients list. What do I do?

A It is possible that she didn’t complete her profile or she was matched to another Stylist. Please contact [email protected]/ with her full name and the email address she signed up with.

Can I have international Clients (outside of the US)?

We don't support international purchases at this time, but we hope to in the future! For ordering and shipping information please refer to the Client FAQ:

How do I get added to the Client matching pool?

Please follow the instructions here: /stylist/programs/matchingpool.

How do Clients get matched with a Stylist (via the matching pool)?

As a new Client signs up they are shown multiple Stylists to choose from.

How do I build a relationship with my Clients?

a. You should always send an introduction email to your Client – getting to know them and asking them about their style and fashion preferences and needs. This will allow you to better understand what brands they like, what type of environment they work and live in and the type of styles that they like and dislike.

b. Send one Lookbook to a new Client, and send a follow-up if they don’t find exactly what they’re looking for in the first. If you haven’t heard from a Client in a month, that’s a good time to check in and ask if there’s anything you can help her find, or send her a couple of looks you think she might like. Maintaining relationships with existing Clients is just as important as recruiting new ones.

c. It is critical that you respond to any Client Lookbook requests within 48 hours. Your Client has been waiting for the perfect Stylist (you!) and they are ready to shop.

My friend/referral signed up for Keaton Row and was matched to another Stylist. Is it possible for her to switch and be matched to me?

We handle these requests on a case-by-case basis. Please contact [email protected]/ with her full name and the email address she signed up with.

Does Keaton Row support male Clients?

Keaton Row currently only supports female Clients at this time.

My Client requested another Stylist. Can I find out why?

It is up to each Client to leave as much or as little information as they prefer when deciding to request a different Stylist. It is mandatory for a Client to choose a reason, though it is up to them to share any details.

I just received a Lookbook request from my Client today via email. However, when I go to the Lookbook I see that it was requested days/weeks ago. Why is this?

Sometimes Clients submit a Lookbook Requests before being matched to a Stylist. The date shown is the date of the original request.

One of my Clients sent me 2+ Lookbook requests, and they are almost identical. What do I do?

Sometimes Clients unintentionally request duplicate Lookbooks. Send them an email to let them know that you are starting to fulfill their request. Then, decline any duplicate requests.

If I make a sale to a non-Client, what happens?

You will get credit for any sales generated from a Look / Lookbook you created.

Can my Client expedite shipping / use a retailer gift card / make a change to her order?

For ordering and shipping information please refer to the Client FAQ:

How do I share my Lookbooks on Twitter/Facebook/Social media?

Copy the Lookbook URL in your browser and share the link.


Where can I find training/marketing support?

a. We offer customized selling and marketing tools. Find them here: /stylist/resources.

b. For the most recent list of training opportunities, please to go /stylist/programs/events .

c. We also help you market your business through social media – sharing and re-tweeting your Lookbooks and celebrating your success. Keaton Row will also help to market your business through exclusive features on our blog, the rotating roster of top Stylists on our homepage and all aspects of social media.

What are Personal Stylist Websites?

Showcase your style and market your business through your own Stylist Website. Key Features are:

- An elevated website you can share with prospective Clients! It’s easy for them to sign up with you from your new site.

- Looks can be included in your website when you check of the box to "Feature this Look on my Stylist Site" during Look creation (Looks must be created in the last 60 days).

- Prospective Clients can now sign up with you, view and shop your Public Looks. You will receive full commission for any sales!

- Prospective Stylists can now sign up to be on your team, right from your site.

- Your have your own custom Public Profile URL: (/FirstNameLastName). If you want to change your custom Public Profile URL, click on your name on the top right. Go to Account Settings to make changes.

- Easy-editing of your website.

How do I add/remove Looks from my Personal Stylist Website?

- To add a Look, check off the "Feature this Look on my Stylist Site" box during the Look creation and save the Look. Your Look must have at least 5 items for this check box to appear.

- To remove a Look, edit the Look and uncheck this check box.

How do I feature my Looks in the public Shop Outfits gallery?

Potential Clients can shop your Looks (you'll get 100% commission from any purchases) and even sign up with you from the gallery [/shop-outfits]. Here’s how you can get your Looks featured:

- Get into the Matching Pool

- Add 5 products to a Look

- Check the box to feature it

- Add a description on the Look in the Look Editor (this is different from the description in the Lookbook)

- Add tags


How do I earn money?

a. You earn commission whenever anyone (a Client, a non-Client, or yourself) purchases from one of your Looks/Lookbooks. Plus, we have regular incentives: /stylist/programs/commission.

b. In addition to sales commissions and incentives, Keaton Row rewards our top selling Stylist through our annual Elite Stylist Program which includes all expenses paid trips, exclusive access to fashion shows and additional cash bonuses.

How do I track my sales?

You can access a detailed Earnings report from your Dashboard! Please note that it may take a few days for new sales to be visible, and bonuses and incentives are not included in reporting. This report includes sales and returns for each calendar month, plus information on the items each Client ordered.

Why isn’t a sale showing up I my report?

Please note that it may take a few days for new sales to be visible, and bonuses and incentives are not included in reporting. This report includes sales and returns for each calendar month, plus information on the items each Client ordered.

How long does it take for my Client to receive their purchase invoice?

Please refer to the Client FAQ:

How do I get paid?

To receive commission via Direct Deposit:

i. Download a W9 file at and complete the form. Please include on the form your name (individuals or corps/LLCs), address and SSN (individuals) or EIN (corps/LLCs).

ii. Take a picture of a Void check from the account that you want your commission deposited into. (You can simply write "VOID" on the check. If you do not have physical checks, please send your checking account routing number.)

iii. Email the W9 file and the voided check image to our accounting firm at [email protected] Please include your Keaton Row Stylist account name / email address to help us match it with your account. If you would like an email confirmation of receipt please request one in the email to our accounting firm.

How much should I expect to sell for each Lookbook I create?

It varies per Client, but the average purchase amount per order is $350+.

What happens if my Client shops from another Stylist’s public Look/Lookbook?

The Stylist who created the Look/Lookbook gets credit for the sale.

Will I receive a 1099 for my taxes?

You will receive one in the mail if you earned $600+ in commission in the previous calendar year.

I’m having technical problems. Who do I contact?

Email [email protected]/ with the details. If the issue is for a particular Client, please include their full name and email address.



My Client is having an issue with her order. Who do I contact?

Email [email protected]/ with the details. Please include the Client’s full name and email address.

I have a question that isn’t answered in the FAQs. Who can I ask?

a. Email [email protected]/ with the details. If the issue is for a particular Client, please include their full name and email address.

b. You can always ask for advice on the Keaton Row Stylists Facebook Page!

I have a great idea for how to improve Keaton Row! Who can I tell?

Email [email protected]/ with the details. If the issue is for a particular Client, please include their full name and email address.

How do I join the Keaton Row Stylist Facebook Group?

Go to the Facebook Page ("#"groups/264171617004093/) and request to join. It’s a great resource for all Stylists!


Can I shop from my own Lookbooks?

Yes- and you will even get sales credit towards your commission for any purchases you make!

Can I delete a Lookbook?

Entire Lookbooks cannot be deleted. However, you can edit individual Looks/Pages within a published Lookbook.

How do I edit a Look or a Lookbook?

a. Go to the Lookbook Center. Scroll to the Lookbook you would like to edit, and click the “Edit” symbol to the right of it. You can now delete current Looks or add new Looks.

b. To edit an existing Look, add a new page. A pop up will appear at the bottom of your screen with all of your Looks. Click on the Look you want to edit and make your changes.